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It's a note-taking and study tools software. It organizes your notes, saves your time and makes your study more effective. Stanford University student, James Geary has this to say about Knowledge NoteBook, "I am so glad I started using Knowledge Notebook– it’s helped me streamline my life as a student and achieve better grades.".


by James Geary, Stanford University Student

Knowledge Notebook is the ultimate toolkit for students. Before Knowledge Notebook I had so many different systems. I took notes on paper for some classes and on my computer for others. When it was time to study, I never knew what to do. I would sometimes make flashcards on paper and other times use a flashcard website or app. I would make study guides, and I didn’t particularly like doing this on paper or on a basic word processor. Either way I was left with a sheet of paper I might lose or a file on my computer that I might never open again. Knowledge Notebook quickly replaced all of these systems!

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